Cecilia’s Children is a registered charity in western Kenya which operates in the rural village of Kisumu.

Cecilia’s Children is named after the late Mama Cecilia who left the founder orphaned after suffering from  HIV/AIDs. The centre stands in her memory, offering hope to the many children in Kisumu who have also been orphaned by this devastating disease.

Dan was fortunate to find support from neighbours in Kisumu to enable him to continue his education. He then travelled to the capital Nairobi, where he begun to teach children who were unable to access education. During this time, he realised his vision for Cecilia’s Children to bring hope through education and support to children like him in his hometown, Kisumu. Inheriting his parent’s plot of land has enabled him to begin to bring this vision to life.


Dan Ooko – Founder and Director of Cecilia’s Children 

“My life is such that I had to rely on the help of someone I never knew, who was somehow touched to give towards what eventually shaped my life. I learnt that we all, irrespective of who or where we come from, will at some point in life get an opportunity to play a role in changing someone’s life. In turn contributing to making the world a better place. I am privileged to be a part of this and hope that you take the chance that is available to you today and play a part in transforming the world by being a part of Cecilia’s Children. As the great Mahatma Ghandi said:

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’.

Dan now runs the day to day operations of Cecilia’s Children Centre.